Plan B provides survey and environmental support to the resource industry throughout Northern BC.  Based in Chetwynd, BC, we are a steadily growing company that has earned a solid reputation for providing high value, high quality technical services.


Plan B’s survey department has extensive experience on minesite, transportation, construction and infrastructure projects, utilizing both RTK and total station surveys, as well as integrated UAV services.  Our survey team has over 40 years of combined experience in field surveying, drafting, crew leadership, and technical problem solving, tailored to northern environments. 


·         Construction Layout

·         RTK Survey

·         Robotic Total Station Survey

·         UAV Survey

·         UAV Orthophotos

·         Point Cloud Surface Elevation

·         Volume Survey

·         UAV Volume Survey

·         AutoCAD Modelling

·         UAV Infrastructure Survey and Inspection

·         GIS Mapping

·         Georeferenced PDFs



Plan B’s environmental department brings professional experience in environmental field services, construction monitoring and project management, and we have a wide network of technical experts to provide additional support when needed.

·         Environmental Management

·         Environmental Monitoring

·         Environmental Management Plans (EMPs)

·         Erosion and Sediment Control Planning (two staff CPESCs)

·         Permitting for Construction